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Testamonials & Mentions "The thing we love most is helping others." ~ Raymond Chandler, CEO.

Letter from Bodysculpt of New York Founder Vincent Ferguson

Letter from Melisa Morgan


Letter from Board members at Canaan Baptist Church


                                                                                                                                     April 20, 2009


Mr. Charles Leake


RC&A Heart & Soul Productions

Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series

 Dear Mr. Leake;

 On behalf of the All Male Fashion Show and the Man of the Year at

Canaan Baptist Church held on Friday, April 17th, 2011 we’d like I’d to say thank you.

Everyone who attended is still talking about how much fun was had and how

professional you and your team were. It is so nice when you can mix the secular with

the gospel and have an event that is so special.

 We would love to work with Heart & Soul Productions again in the future.

 Thank you,

 Joanne Ricks

Joanne Ricks

 Denise Milton

Denise Milton

 Kim Parker

Kim Parker

 Fashion Show coordinators

Canaan Baptist Church of Christ                                                                                                         


Bush Family Reunion Thank You letter



September 4, 2011

 Charles Leake

Heart & Soul Productions


 Dear Charles;

 I’m sorry this letter is reaching you late but as you know we were delayed

due to Hurricane that affected the entire east coast, so I just got settled a

couple of days ago.


 Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for making sure the t-shirts were delivered

to the family on time. They were a huge hit especially on the cruise ship.

Everyone recognized the Bush Family because of our shirts. We got so many

compliments even the Carnival Cruise personnel thought they were cute and original. 

I need to thank you again for being patient with me, when I had to keep adding to

the number of shirts. You know how it is, there is always someone in the family who

decides they want a shirt even though they are not going on the family reunion cruise.

I can’t wait until next year’s family reunion to see what other surprises you can come

up with on design & color. The family thanks you but I thank you even more.

With friendship & support always


Kim R. Lowe

Kim R. Lowe



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