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Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series believes in the core principles and values that were handed down to us by our past generations.  Our vision is to pass on those same important principles to this new generation. 

One of which was a commitment to education.  We are aware that our nation’s youth are trailing behind emerging countries when it comes to academic achievement.

The organization’s vision, implemented by qualified and experienced educators will work with children to identify their academic challenges and focus on correcting and improving those specific areas.

We will also emphasize character development, and give children the resources, guidance, and hope to help them build a better foundation from which they may grow into future opportunities. Supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, good judgment, and character, to many children, with a thorough foundation for future success.

Our mission is to address The Need in the South Bronx and to help students that are struggling with the core academics and increase the numbers of students that successfully graduate High School and move on to become productive citizens of our country.


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