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Raymond Chandler
Chairman/ CEO

Letter from the Chairman

For many years Ray Chandler has been an advocate for the preservation of strong family values.  As one of nineteen siblings, Ray learned at a very early age the importance of sharing and giving.  His parents were two strong individuals that taught all of them the value of being givers and servers. 

Over the years Ray has been actively involved in a multitude of youth initiatives. He has worked on the New York City Mayor’s gang task force inside the New York City public school system where he acted as a gang advocate that addressed gang intervention, absenteeism, and truancy.

More importantly, Ray was able to reach out to many street gangs members, like the Bronx Casanovas, a notorious gang known for robbing and stealing. With Rays' broad and tall stature, and his impressive personality, he was able to convince young boys and girls leave the gang life to pursue more productive endeavors in their lives.  Over the years, Ray has provided Mentorship and helped many gang members enroll in trade training programs or enroll in GED programs.  Ray pulled lots of the gang members off of the streets and literally saved their lives by steering them away from a life of crime.

Ray open up a teen social club called the “Black Door” where kids in the South Bronx would dance as other youth performed a new form of music called Hip Hop. It was at this time where he discovered and then managed rap legends Grandmaster Flash & the Furious five.  When Ray realized the popularity of this new form of music, his entrepreneurship kicked in. Therefore, he went to the public schools and was able to offer them a way to create additional funding for their extra-curricular programs. More money than they would usually make with their school bake sales and such.

They gave him exclusive permission to present dances and shows for the youth inside of the school gyms. Ray hired these new rap group and charged a small free for kids to come in to dance have a good time. With the money he earned from the small admission charged, he always gave a portion to the schools to support sports and music programs where needed.

Ray then hosted rap clinics for aspiring talent. This situation works so well for the schools because they were earning more money than they ever had with any of their other fund-raising activities, Ray was presented several plaques honoring him for his support to the public school system in New York City.

Every year Ray got together with other men in his neighborhood and they put up their own personal monies to host summer basketball tournaments.  This group of men provided uniforms, basketballs, and trophies for the players.

They also gave an annual free summer picnic for families in the neighborhood.  The money raised by the men was enough to pay for food and drinks for several hundred people for free.

Other organizations that Ray has donated his time, knowledge, and expertise. Include the P.A.L. Police Athletic League, and North Central Hospital basketball program, where they brought youth and adults together to participate in team sports. He also organized clothing drives and food drives for those in need in his South Bronx community.

Ray Chandler

Ray Chandler@letgobacktour.com
(770)383-1035 c(646)408-4220   



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