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   Thank you in advance for all your great support!   

One of our many fundraising efforts involves producing periodic concerts, These concerts will not only help us generate funding for our vision, but will also allow children the opportunity to see and hear from entertainers they are passionate about that can also push our message of education home.   In the coming year, Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series hopes to hold 10 concerts in various areas to serve our charitable purpose. Our overall target population to be reached is 10,000 individuals and families throughout the communities we serve.

Lets Go Back Tour will work to identify children in the communities we reach to help us conduct our concerts. The Youth Empowerment Initiative aims to reach 50 children between the ages of 16 and 18 years. We will identify youth that will benefit from our mentorship and teach them the processes that go along with running the event, giving them hands-on experience in fields such as marketing, promotion, organizing, and large-scale program operating. We aim to carry out 10 concerts throughout the coming months. We will enter communities and conduct week-long activities and outreach initiatives for the areas we serve.

Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series has hosted five concerts and worked with other creative agencies to facilitate effective operations. We will continue to work with community partners to initiate inspiring programs for communities across the nation. Our major funding need and outreach goal for the upcoming year focuses on creating a more comprehensive program to reach boys and girls through witch we will provide mentoring for children as well as an economic boost for communities. The organization will address a need not commonly met by other organizations.

In order to ensure the overall effectiveness of our organization, we will focus on securing funding to recruit additional volunteer staff and obtain experienced and licensed professionals to sustain our future endeavors. We hope to grow our outreach base throughout our state and nation through this funding. Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series is committed to establishing a long-lasting impact through our dynamic outreach program for the community at-large. Our organization strives to:

· Provide a safe and innovative educational environment for children through our programming.
· Expose participants to the powerful influence of education and other important youth activities.
· Create innovative instructional lessons for children to cultivate their overall skills.
· Encourage the children we serve to become self-confident, self-aware, and strong.
· Build positive mentoring relationships with our students and communities.
· Develop interest in the well being of children among our service communities, such that fami   lies will share their children’s enthusiasm.


  Thank you in advance for all your great support!


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