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Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization Established in 2011, the organization was formed by a group of stakeholders, who were able to see the correlation between positive intervention in the lives of youth and their long-term achievement of academic goals, academic success, and overall wellness; all of which contribute to their ultimate transcendence into a better life. Headquartered in Bronx County New York, NY, our mission is accomplished by addressing the critical issue of access to extracurricular resources for children. We are dedicated to helping each young person and their families reach their potential by encouraging wholesome habits, supporting their intellectual needs, and encouraging a dynamic pursuit of innovative education.

The challenges faced by youth throughout the South Bronx bring serious concerns. Tough economic times and a misunderstanding of social and economic responsibilities are hurting educational and social programs in the South Bronx. Add this to persistent presence of negative influences and a lack of positive outlet avenues; some children are unlikely to experience a positive future.

As longtime Bronx residents , these are issues that we have witnessed firsthand. Youths in the South Bronx communities are scoring below the national average in the common studies of mathematics, reading, and science.

Our program initiative motivates those youths in need . We provide the additional education, empowerment, mentoring, self-awareness, and respect to help them achieve greater success in their studies and in their lives. We need to do what we can to help and support our youth.


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